Software Developer in Dallas/Fort Worth


Edgar Sanchez
Software developer 
at CiraConnect

[email protected]

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX


Bachelor of Science,
Computer Science
May 2018
University of North Texas



Programming languages:
(In order of experience)
C#, C++, C, SQL, Powershell, JavaScript, VBScript Python, Java, PHP, Swift, Bash

Spoken languages:

English, Spanish


Operating systems:
macOS, Windows, Linux,
iOS, Android

IDEs / Tools / Other:
Git, Azure, Visual Studio, Postman, SSMS, Xcode, WordPress, LAMP, Adobe, Agile, Slack


CiraConnect Software Developer/DevOps 
Apr 2019 — Current

Administrated Azure DevOps organization, migrated all application source code from SourceGear Vault to Git version control, and set up development, sandbox, qa, and production environments.

Replaced existing build and deployment server with automated build and release pipelines on Azure Pipelines and assisted in configuring Microsoft IIS web server on Windows Server for build deployments.

Assisted in complete rewrite of existing ASP.NET legacy application into a modern application using Web API for the back end and Angular for the front end.

Collaborated with database administrator and teammates to optimize database stored procedures and user defined functions.

Provided ongoing maintenance for new and existing applications by addressing bug reports, implementing feature enhancements, and optimizing performance.

Tyler Technologies Intern/Software Developer
May 2017 — Apr 2019

Provided ongoing maintenance including enhancements and bug fixes for ASP.NET application using C#, SQL, VBScript. and LINQ.

Assisted in UI reskin for flagship application using new styles.
Developed C# application to parse and transform XML files using LINQ to XML.

ArkonLabs Sole Proprietor
Apr 2014 — Current

Digital presence for small businesses including WordPress websites hosted on a DigitalOcean, utilizing Cloudflare for DNS and threat protection, ongoing web server management, professional photography, and social media.

Intelligent Technology Solutions IT Specialist
Jan 2014 — Dec 2014

Help desk support, network, server, and VoIP administration, on site user support.


UNT Onboarding [ HTML/CSS/JS ]Team project
Web based application that helps new grad students during onboarding at UNT by providing useful resources (Under development)
Tools: Bootstrap, Firebase, DigitalOcean, Cloudflare, Yelp API

Hopscotch Hashing [ C++ ]
Command line based implementation of a hopscotch hash table using a linear probing algorithm and collision avoidance

Census Counter [ C ]Team project
Command line based census counter consisting of a client/server model using Linux network sockets

Ticketing System [ C ]
Client/server application that provides a basic ticketing system using Linux network sockets

Tastr [ Java ] Team project
An Android app that allows users to decide what they want to eat instead of where by using GPS and local restaurant data